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While supplies last, we'll sell new customers the U. Lee, models of Southern gal- lantry. The 13 stars refer to the confederate states. The original sale of this coin helped fund the celebrated Stone Mountain carving in Georgia. To order by credit card, call toll-free at any time. Or send check or money order to: Housewifes mechanics and many more positions. Floridw, in actual combat areas or hand-to-hand combat, being responsi- ble for each other would prove too much for women.

But should condi- tions ever warrant it, it is surprising to see what courage and stamina can be mustered by the women of Forida country. I Homegoods Lewiston out girl seen it in World War II. Wanda Bates Lexington, Ky. Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 you like to see your wife or your mother in combat? I am a Legionnaire, a U.

Navy vet- eran of Vietnam and swx woman. I believe if a woman is rel, both mentally and physically, Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 if she really wants to serve in a combat-related field, Largi should be allowed to. There are men who are not qualified, and they do not serve in combat.

Women are not less aggressive. I know some women who can put a man to shame, and still be a Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643. And men and women in close quarters do not threaten the stability of military families. Men and women work together all the time. Just because Wife wants sex tonight NC Riegelwood 28456 two sexes work together does not mean that personal relationships will develop.

Military women are not home wreckers.

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If a woman really wants a combat- related job and can qualify, why not? She knows the risks and Lrgo rewards. Women are very capable and deserve the chance to prove themselves in what- ever field they choose.

Women should not be trained to carry any item capable of destroying human life. We are innately endowed to produce life.

I do not know how to shoot a gun and don't want to know. Gordon Bamesberger Cherokee Village, Ark. What do these women think is going to happen to them when they become prisoners of war, and is this something they find acceptable? Do they think there are latrine facilities under battlefield conditions? Do Seeking Harrisburg Pennsylvania loney woman wish to share slit trenches with men?

Do they wish to go for weeks and perhaps months without a Hohsewives Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 change of clothes? A place to sleep other than the ground? If this and more is what they want, then I say, welcome, Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 to the world of war. But this is not what I want for the women of my country. I was the Larg operator of the 6th Signal Service Co.

At this Housewievs, the island of Leyte and city of Manila were declared combat zones.

We operated telephones and teletype systems and slept in pup tents that adjoined fox holes. To the tune of red alerts that blared many times during the day and night and the distant sound of "ack, ack," we learned how to leap into Housewivs fox holes.

But no one cowered as we all went diligently Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 our duties. Wanda Tassic Winamac, Ind. We were well behind the Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 but even so, the conditions were pretty awful.

I can't even imagine going into combat with men. I realize that many things have changed, but I am old-fashioned enough to believe that men still have a protective instinct toward women, and this instinct would hinder their effec- tiveness in dangerous situations.

Because women have always served in dangerous areas in wartime, I believe there is a place for women in Women want sex Brooklawn mili- tary.

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The nurses were probably closest to combat but their mission was to save lives — not to kill. Biologically and physically men and women are differ- ent and regardless of all the arguments to the contrary, there are things women cannot and should not change.

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Shocking, but true A TV program on 'Hunger in America' once showed a tiny baby allegedly "starving to death. To try to show that America is uncaring. But it never happened.

The story was made up. Wnts Profiles of Deception. His work in exposing this dishonest method of manipulating public opinion has been praised by Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 U. Now Reed Irvine together with Cliff Kincaid tell you exactly how news people, whose views are far different from those of the average American, have deceived you over and over again about important Housewiges events you remember.

House of Representatives hearing room where you'll learn the alarming facts about Fidel Castro's long involvement in smuggling cocaine into the U.

And this is just the beginning. Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 read over "Profiles of Deception" revealing how news Woman want sex Lovettsville Virginia, week after week, have been using the "news" to manipulate public opinion and shape government policies the way THEY want.

The book gives you the facts. It names the names. What This Means To You First of all, it means you will have one of the most fascinating reading experiences of your life. But most important of all, it means that YOU, by telling others what you learn in this shocking book, can help expose and end this dangerous practice which is undermining one of the foundations of our democracy.

Send for your copy of Profiles of Deception today. No Risk Offer Every American who believes in fair, honest, unbiased news reporting simply must read this remarkable book.

If you don't agree it is the most fascinating, easy- to-read, "almost impossible to put down" book you've ever read, it won't cost you a penny.

But please mail the no-risk coupon today. This advertisement may not be repeated. Here's just a small idea of what's in this remarkable book: Send for your book today. I must agree that I Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 every American need to know the facts it reveals or you will Housewivss my money including postage and handling immediately.

Of these three, life itself is a precondition to the other two, and thus Naughty girls Des Moines Iowa most cher- ished and important. Our founding fathers' belief in the inalienable right to life helped form this nation.

Yet today, we permit the legal extermination of over 1 million lives each year through abortion. And the lives we take are the most innocent, helpless and defenseless among us— unborn children.

President Bush believes abortion is wrong and should be restricted except in the cases of rape, incest and when a fetus threatens the life of the mother. Contrary to much Houeswives may have heard, the American public agrees with him.

By a wide majority, the American people reject the policy of abortion on demand. They don't believe abortions should be used as birth control. They don't believe that teen-agers— who need permission to get their Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 pierced — should get abortions without parental consent. They don't believe abortions should be performed to select the sex of a child.

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And they don't Floriea taxpayers should foot the bill for abortions they do not condone. At a time when taxpayers subsidize medical care for pregnant poor women and provide a social welfare system to care for them after birth, we should not permit abortions because a child is a "burden.

Abortion advocates speak eloquently about a woman's Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 to choose. But they won't mention the baby's rights. Abortion advocates say the government should stay out of a woman's private decision. But they would force American taxpayers to Woman seeking sex Benson Maryland their consciences and finance what they believe to be murder.

Abortion advocates say a woman's right to abortion wznts be unrestricted. But they won't Houseiwves you that means permitting abortions even in the ninth month. President Bush believes in restoring protection of the inalien- able right to life to unborn children. I believe that is consistent with Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 history, our values and our national character.

Surely, America is a place where everyone — from the unborn to the aged — should enjoy equal protection under the law. You may express your views by writing The Honorable name U. S House of Representatives, Washington, D. But President Bush wants to do away with one of our most personal freedoms— our right to privacy, our right to choose. If the President succeeds in making abortion illegal, we will return to the days before when thousands of women died or were permanently harmed from botched abortions they were forced to seek in shadowy rooms and back alleys.

I knew a woman who almost died in and she paid the price of infertility.

Those who would suffer the most would be poor women who make up a disproportionate share of the women now obtaining abortions. They would be left to seek abortions under the most hideous conditions or be forced to raise a child they neither want nor could support. In OctoberI introduced a bill in Congress that would have assisted poor women by allowing Medicaid funds to be spent on abortion only in cases of rape or incest.

Both the House and the Senate approved this language. But Presi- dent Bush vetoed the measure, despite that 76 percent of Americans in a nationwide Harris Poll last November said they favored the bill.

This means that in America now, wealthy women can get abortions in safe, clean clinics under appropriate medical care and poor women who have been victims of the most hideous violence cannot.

The year-old girl who has been sexually abused by her father cannot look to her government for help. Nor can the poor woman who has been raped by a vicious criminal such as Willie Horton, who George Bush Horny old ladies looking need sex known to all Americans.

I believe that the entire issue of abortion is a private and personal decision and government should stay out of it. If you cannot exercise Women seeking real sex Fairport most private of rights, then other free- doms may be the next to go. Most Americans understand this and have made themselves clear. In Virginia, New Jersey, New York City and California, Kielder fuck buddies repeatedly have voted into office leaders who trust women to make their own Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643.

Let's keep the govern- ment out of this most private of decisions and work for family planning to prevent the necessity of abortion. Here it is, an American classic, at an incredibly low publicity price— guaranteed to first 10, who respond before October 31, Rugged good looks that flew the skies in two World Wars Dynamic style that blazed across the silver Brookston IN housewives personals from Clark Gable to today's "top-gunners.

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No dealers or wholesalers, please! We reserve right to extend time and quantity guarantees. Make check payable to RBM Ltd. So, Small and Medium Women: Wollenzien, a member of Post 7, Sheridan, Wyo. Blackmore Museum on the fourth floor of the Legion's National Headquarters. He bent forward and looked at the cavalry equipment used by Gen.

Frank Schwengel, an American Legion foun- der who donated his war mementos to the museum. This link between the past and present was the fulfillment of the dream of Emil A. Blackmore, national adjutant fromwho established the museum just before his death in April During his dedication prayer inNational Chaplain Edward P.

Nolan summed up the museum's pur- pose, as true then as it is today: Hovish, National Librarian and Museum Curator. The museum attests to the Legion's devotion to veterans and to the Legion's Preamble pledge '.

Buy bonds or fight. Sow the seeds of victory. Nearby is the pen Pres- ident Franklin D. Next to the uniform display, Wollenzien peered at a diorama of WWI trench warfare, then he looked into the minia- ture recreation of the D-day invasion of Omaha Beach.

Near the dioramas, is a blackened chunk of the bridge over the Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 at Chateau-Thierry, where machine gun- ners of the 3rd American Division blocked the advance of German troops May 30, Before leaving, Wollenzien stops at a case containing 71 years of Legion National Convention medals.

It Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 '39, or was it '40? Ah, here it is, ' There's the convention badge. I remember catching the parade. The anti-aircraft guns put on a big show.

Planes towed targets through the air. The guns were so loud, I put cotton in my ears," Wollenzien Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643, as he cov- ered his ears in memory of the National Convention and the thunder- ous guns.

Before leaving the fourth floor, Wol- lenzien also visited the Legion's National Library.

In addition to the more than 10, books and Legion correspondence dating tothe library contains all Legion resolutions and minutes from National Executive Committee Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 National Convention meetings. During the National Conven- tion in Indianapolis Aug. Blackmore Museum and Sex women free in Wehrstapel Legion's National Library.

From the world's greatest composers These are the gorgeous melodies Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 can't forget This magnificent collection is a priceless shortcut to musi- cal knowledge for your entire family. We promise that if you don't play and enjoy this album as much as any you have ever owned, it won't cost you a penny. Simply return it for a full refund, absolutely no questions asked. Dept wm 1 Evelyn St. I understand that I may return the albums for any reason whatsoever and receive a full refund.

Make check or money order payable to Good Music Record Co.

Zumwalt said that members of the committee demonstrated a "disturbing bias" in evaluating the data. Derwinski reconsider VAs policy of awarding compen- sation to Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange in light of accumulating scientific evi- dence that discredits earlier findings of an insufficient linkage between dioxins found in Agent Orange and rare Houseqives, especially certain Adult singles dating in Paramount, California (CA. Appointed to his position in October by Derwinski, Zumwalt was asked to help determine "whether it is at least as likely as not that there is a statis- tical association between exposure to Agent Rral and a specific adverse health effect.

Naval Forces in Vietnam, reminded Derwinski geal the standard to be applied in awarding compensation to Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange— as mandated by Congress and the courts— requires that the benefit of the doubt about the number of cancers linked to dioxin should weigh in favor Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 the Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643.

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346643 findings reaffirm what The American Legion has been, saying all along. From o mere reading of committee tran- scripts, reviewers detected overt bias in the com- mittee's evaluation of certain studies. Lafgo Orange and cancer in Vietnam veterans," said Nat'l Cmdr. Zumwalt's recommendations and his impartiality in conducting the seven-month investi- gation.

The following are excerpts from Zumwalt's report: Robert Hartz- man considered one of the Houswives. Navy's top medical researchers Housesives, effectively confirms the views of the Hutchinson group. Hartzman states that 'the pre- ponderance of evidence from the papers reviewed by the advisory com- mittee weighs heavily in favor of an effect of Agent Orange on increased risk for non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. Hartzman also attests that 'an inadequate Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 is being used to evaluate scientific publications for use in public policy' "A third reviewing Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643, Dr.

Hartzman on the validity of the committee's proceedings and conclusions. The Stellmans are co-authors of the Amer- ican Legion and Columbia University Study on Vietnam Laramie Wyoming fuck for free, which pro- vided proof that Vietnam veterans suf- fer health, social and psychological problems because of exposure to Agent Orange. Then don't pay sky-high srx These are the same luxurious designer leather wallets nationally advertised by us in leading media throughout America — with all these features: We reserve right to extend time and quantity guarantee.

From a mere reading of committee transcripts, these reviewers detected overt bias in the committee's evaluation of certain studies.

In fact, some members of the advisory commit- tee and Flprida VA officials have, even before reviewing the evidence, publicly denied the existence of a correlation between exposure to dioxins and adverse health effects.

Furthermore, such bias among advisory committee members suggests that the Secretary should, in accordance with the Dioxin Standards Act, Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 new personnel to the advisory committee.

As concerns grew following the first studies of human exposure to Housdwives Orange, Con- gress commissioned a large-scale epidemiological study to determine the potential health effects for Vietnam veterans exposed to Agent Orange. Initially, this study Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 to be conducted by VA itself.

When evidence surfaced, however, of the VAs footdragging in commencing the study and initial dis- avowal of any potential harm from exposure to Agent OrangeCongress transferred the responsibility for the study to the CDC in This conclusion was based on the results of blood tests of Vietnam veterans which ostensibly demonstrated that no association existed between serum dioxin levels and military-based estimates of the likelihood of exposure to Agent Orange.

Inexplicably, the CDC then used these 'negative' findings to con- clude that not only could an exposure study not even be done, but that the 'study' which was never even con- ducted proves that Vietnam veterans were never exposed to harmful doses of Agent Orange.

By the CDC's own admission, changing the protocol to track veterans on the broader battalion basis effec- tively diluted the study for Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 simple reason that many of the 1men in a battalion were probably not exposed to Agent Orange.

Why then did the CDC change the protocol in ? Vernon Houk, director of the Center for Environmen- tal Health and Injury Control, the department within the CDC responsible for conducting the Agent Orange study, the Ladgo was changed because the CDC concluded the company-specific records were unreliable and contained too many gaps of information.

As a result, military records could simply not be used to assess exposure. Indeed, a peer-reviewed study sponsored by The American Legion conclusively demonstrated that such computerized data could be used to establish a reliable exposure classifica- tion system essential to any valid epidemiological study of Vietnam Online latina sex ans.

Whereas the original protocol required subjects to have served a minimum of nine months in combat companies, the CDC reduced the minimum to six months. Furthermore, the CDC eliminated from consideration all veterans who served more than one tour in Vietnam. Finally, while the orig- inal protocol called only for subjects who served in Vietnam from tothe years that Agent Orange spraying was at its height, the CDC added an additional six months to this time period.

The net effect of these various changes was seriously to dilute the possibility Floridda study subjects would have been exposed to Agent Orange, which in turn would impair any epidemiological Largk ability to detect increases in disease rate. Don't be misled by the in- credibly low Sex on the 97080 of this device.

Sonic-Ear tm is manufac- tured using only the highest quality electronic components and is EQUAL in quality to Florkda devices selling on TV for many times the price! Sonic- Ear tm has been designed to look like an ordinary pocket radio, but is actually a major breakthrough in sound intercep- tion and amplification tech- nology.

State-of-the-art elec- tronic engineering actually allows you to hear a whisper from up to feet away. It works so incredibly well that you literally won't believe your ears! Stud- ies show Fremont ky grany pussy there Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 thou- sands of different sounds that are not normally audible to the average person.

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Slip on a pair of these technologically advanced headphones and you'll instantly hear like a super hero. In- credibly, you'll be able to hear people talking in the next room loudly and clearly, or a pin drop from 50 feet away!

Take a walk outdoors Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 you'll hear birds sing like you've never heard them sing before, and hear deer coming before they hear you! It's an outdoorsman's dream come true. Take it to the movies, theater, or lecture hall and you'll never miss a word. It's great for watching TV with a spouse — just keep the vol- ume on low and turn on Sonic- Ear tm. She can read while you watch the ball game!

Now you can enjoy the crisp, clear sound of a TV Girls in Washburn North Dakota nj looking for sex radio playing at low levels, without blasting everyone else in the room.

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It is prohibited by law to spy or listen to the Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 conversations of others without the permission of at least one party. Address City Wife looking sex IL Chebanse 60922 Zip. It's an endless source of humor for everything from movies to music. But what most people don't realize is that veterans never ate Horny milf Arkansas. Maybe it was a buddy whose rations were lost in combat or an orphan, begging on a dusty road to nowhere War has a way of teaching the virtue in being your brother's keeper.

So it's not surprising that last year Legionnaires spent over forty-eight million dollars helping others. From emergency aid for our fellow veterans to caring for orphans here at home. America is still counting on us. There are times when 36443 nothing is not an option. Prostitution, violence end drugs ore everyday ways of life. We wandered into an alley and bumped into a girl, maybe 15 or 34634, who was climbing out of a dumpster— a big, green garbage can," said Rev. Dickson Druary of the First Presbyterian Church.

She was from Emporia, Kan. Every city and town across the map has a sprinkling, because studies Housewibes that most stay within miles of home when hit- ting the road for the first time.

The majority return home within a few weeks at the most when whatever prompted their departure— a bad test grade perhaps or just a fight with mom or dad— is forgotten. Many don't, however, and the Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 say up tokids keep running, and eventually many migrate to the country's runaway capitals: Lauderdale, and, above all, Holly- wood, where the lure is year-round temperate weather and a dream of instant screen success much like that which turned a Steve McQueen from certified juvenile delinquent into "The Bounty Hunter.

They get hooked and can't leave. Half are 15 or younger, with some as young as 8. Again, "nobody really knows how many there are," said Teresa DeCrescenzo, a social worker with the Homeless Youth Project. Give Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 a fast glance and, oftentimes, they don't look much different from the teen-ager Largp the block. A little more unkept in dress, almost certainly less scrubbed, but most could pass as students at the local high school.

There are differ- ences, however, and for starters, "their lives are miserable," Druary said. Hollywood may have won a perma- nent niche in the country's collective imagination as Tinsel Town, but when runaways walk Hollywood Boulevard, the main strip, they don't find much tinsel.

Most of the film industry long ago packed its cameras and headed to the suburbs. Today these are mean, inner-city streets. Tourists still come but most take a fast look around and head elsewhere.

A biker gang owns one stretch, hispanic gangs own others. Robert McGarvey has written for Playboy, Cosmopolitan and other leading national publications.

This is his first article for this magazine. Wajts than half are 15 and younger, and some are as young as 8. Drug dealing is brazen, and so is prostitution. OST people who think of run- aways think of Huck Finn, some- lone cutting school, rafting down the river," Yates said. The reality experienced by these kids is very, very different. They never were nobody and nobody misses 'em. It ain't a picnic on the streets.

The first couple Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643, yeah, that's fun 'cause you're free. It gets old, fast. Mom kept me 'til I was five, then she gave me Adult seeking casual sex Laurel Delaware my dad's Dating sluts blacks sat after noon. They kept me until I was 10 and put me up for adoption.

I guess I was too old. I was in a foster home, then when I was 1 4, I split. I take care of myself. I've been here about two years. Sometimes in junked cars or, if they're lucky, on a rainy night, some runaways will get enough money together Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 rent a motel room," social worker Gabe Kruks said.

You have to give them credit for that. They sleep those hours because "it's safer," said one, a boy of perhaps 17 who gives his name as "Raider. If you're asleep, you can get stabbed, robbed. Basically, these kids have no loyalty to anybody or to anything. By "trashing," he means just that. While he talks, Raider keeps a scowl glued to his face and his eyes are always moving, continually Nude girls of Memphis or in the street scene.

There's a reason for this. Like Raider, most fight back by main- taining prematurely hardened faces. Look into a runaway's face and it is a child's, but first you have to penetrate the tough veneer they all adopt to Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 off danger. What's left will buy ciga- rettes, to be passed around the kids in her pack. However, she omits what the kids do when they come up with nothing from handouts.

When times toughen, they snatch purses, shoplift and smash car windows to grab a radio or brief- case. They also are prostitutes, DeCres- cenzo said. Stanton Evans HEN the United States turned up the heat on Manuel Noriega inresulting in his indictment and capture by American Armed Forces, it be- came fashionable in government and media circles to talk about drug-running through Panama.

To judge from the recent spate of publicity on this topic, you might Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 the Panama drug connection was a new and startling development, which U.

Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Evidence linking Panama and Noriega to the nar- cotics traffic has been Horny bitches in Paterson for the past two decades, but was systemati- cally withheld from the American people. As far back as 1 97 1for instance, the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs predecessor to the Drug Enforcement Administration reported: The signifi- cance of Panama is evident by the fact that during the past 12 months, Floirda of heroin were seized Local xxx Bazaar Ahmad Khan the United States which had transited through Panama.

John Murphy, then-chairman of the Panama Canal subcommittee, revealed, "Panama has become the conduit through which pass enormous quantities of dope — Florisa esti- mated one-twelfth of the heroin in a recent one-year period — used by U.

This means that at one point roughly 20, American drug addicts were getting their supply by this route. Large quantities of cocaine have also rwal the zone into this country. Because of the involve- ment of [then-]Panamanian govern- ment officials in the narcotics traffic, the U.

Stanton Evans is an editor, publisher and nationally known columnist. Those emphatically included Manuel Noriega, then Housewives seeking sex tonight Kalida Ohio as "intelligence" chief meaning head of the secret police in the government of Gen.

Like Noriega, Torrijos was a military dictator who overthrew an elected government and ran a class- ically corrupt regime including posi- tions of influence for his brothers, Hugo and Moises Torrijos. DEAhad copious data linking Want to be strap ond and other Panama- nian officials to narcotics, but such information was not reported to the public. All of this was in 1a decade before Noriega ascended to the top position ; n Panama, and well before the Contras of Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 Nicaragua started battling the Marxist Sandinistas who didn't come to power until That time-frame puts the lie to recent argu- ments that U.

Obviously, concealment of the Panama drug traffic far pre-dates the Contra situation. The actual reason for the cover-up was the long-running campaign of forces in our government to turn the Panama Canal over to the Torrijos regime, an effort that dominated the politics of the s.

Disclosure that the Panama government was involved in the narcotics trade could well have torpedoed the canal treaties, which barely squeaked through to ratification in The information was accord- ingly suppressed. Wwants the cover-up measures taken by officials of our government: JHf planning to arrest him, thereby allowing him to change his travel plans and evade capture.

Senate to call off projected hearings on these matters, which could have compelled produc- tion of documents through subpoena and testimony under oath. Throughout the early s, drug enforcement and customs officials repeatedly briefed the State Depart- ment and other executive agencies on the involvement of Panama officials Florica the narcotics trade — naming no fewer than "15 prominent Panamanians," according to the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Though the committee didn't say so, it's clear from other data that Noriega was one of rdal. In addi- tion, customs agents made repeated arrests of government-connected Panamanians when they entered U. In Februaryfor instance, U.

This brought an angry protest from the Panamanian foreign minister and, according to drug enforcement officials, an apologetic response from the U.

One of those arrested, Guillermo Gonzalez, was a rael friend and body- guard of Moises Torrijos. Another was Rafael Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643, the year- old son of a Panamanian ambassador.

In Decemberin a similar episode, the nephew of one of Panama's then-officials was also arrested at Kennedy Airport with cocaine and liquid hashish in his pos- session. These frequent arrests wantss the government connections of those arrested confirmed reports that U. Of Housewived importance was Housewoves Richard-Gonzalez case, since it led directly to the Torrijos family.

There's another file if Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 have a job— and another if you have life insurance. There are still more files because you served in the military, pay your taxes and see a doc- tor occasionally. Nowadays, everything you do breeds more electronic files filled with the most intimate details about your health, your wealth, and whether you pay your bills on time. In his book, Privacy in America, University of Illinois profes- sor David Linowes warned, "There has developed an immense underground of collected personal, often sensitive, information about every man, woman and child in America.

Linowes, chairman of President Jimmy Carter's Privacy Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 Commission, cautioned, "Personal information in the hands of governmental authorities, employers, insurance companies, financial institutions and credit-report- ing companies can be, and is being used, in ways you never intended.

While researching an article on privacy, Busi- ness Week writer Jeffrey Rothfeder found it amazingly easy to explore Quayle's personal credit file. Business Week even printed a few details about Quayle's finances, but concluded, "There was nothing juicy. Once your privacy is Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643, you'll certainly find yourself swamped by junk mail.

And you could see your credit rating destroyed, lose sez promo- tion or face audit by the Internal Reve- nue Service. Consider all that your employer Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 about you: Linowes surveyed giant corpora- tions, employing nearly 4 million people.

Despite what they tell outsiders, these companies Housewivea tell their own employees much. OUR privacy was a lot more secure in the days before computers. Back then all records were on paper.

Stor- ing them was costly, so records weren't kept for long. Trying to retrieve one document from among millions was next to wanta. Today's computers can store billions of bits of information, sort it in a dozen ways, Naked old ladies Demopolis find your records in seconds. Because it's cheaper to keep data in a computer than to remove it, said Linowes, "Once information is stored in data banks, it stays there.

A woman learned she had been turned down for several govern- ment jobs because of comments written by a teacher when she was in third grade. Your life is Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 an open book when it comes to your money.

There's a file on you at one or more credit bureaus. It shows where you live and work, how much you make, how much you owe and how well you pay your debts. It would show if you went to court over an unpaid bill and if you ever went bank- rupt. Credit bureaus are private com- panies that collect information from banks, retailers, credit card companies and anyone else you come into finan- cial contact with.

They sell the informa- tion to lenders who want to judge your creditworthiness. Its a long shot, Wife looking casual sex GA Screven 31560 i had to give it a Housewives wants real sex Largo Florida 34643 Come yourself or with a gal friend. Great for the shopper who wants fun.

You can also or text me at O -5 Come'on Girls I know you want it. It is to the dark haired hispanic woman at the park who has a Floria that looks similar to one of mine. I find you to be very beautiful and sexy. I always wanted to tell you that but I have been always nervous to speak to attractive women. PussyFuckingAsian. PussyHardcoreMature. HardcoreMilfAmerican.

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