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WowTron PDF Encryption(V2.1.1 Nov-11-2015)

Add password to pdf & Protect PDF from unauthorized opening, copying, printing and editing.

WowTron PDF Encryption is a simple Windows pdf encryption software designed to help you encrypt Adobe PDF documents in batches. It provides users with a secure way to add password to PDF files to prevent unauthorized users from reading or opening. You can also set owner passwords for PDF file, preventing your PDF files from printing, editing, coping, and changing. It does not requires Adobe Acrobat, or any other Adobe software.

Two types of password for PDF file: Owner passwords and User passwords. Owner password can be used to protect PDF files from printing, editing, change, and copying. With an owner password, users can get full access to the PDF file. User password is only used to open the PDF file.

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  • WowTron PDF Encrypt Overview

    Encrypt PDF
    Protect your pdf with four different security levels:
    a.40-bit REC - Adobe Acrobat 3.0 or above;
    b.128-bit RC4 - Adobe Acrobat 5.0 or above;
    c. 128-bit AES - Adobe Acrobat 7.0 or above;
    d.256-bit AES - Adobe Acrobat 9.0 or above.

    Batch securing PDF documents
    WowTron PDF Encryption is a best but cheap pdf encryption software on the market, it offers users a way to secure a batch of pdf documents each time. Users can add password to pdf files in batches, which saves their time and energy.

    Protect your PDF from Unauthorized Use
    WowTron Pdf Encryption enables users to set a pdf ownser password, which helps to restrict unauthorized access of pdf content, prevent content piracy. User can easily restrict pdf for printing, editing and content copying on clipboard.

    Modify Metadata of PDF file
    WowTron Pdf Encryption enables you to edit and modify your PDFs metadata, such as PDF Title, Subject, Author, Keywords and Creator. You can change the metadata as you like or you can add real time or date.

    Add watermark to PDF file
    WowTron Pdf Encryption enables users to add text or watermark to created PDF files while adding password security to pdf so as to protect your created pdf file copyright. With WowTron Pdf Encryption, it is so easy for you to stamp watermark on the pdf file.

    Affordable Price
    WowTron Pdf Encryption is a standalone PDF tool costing you only $15.99. It does NOT require Adobe Acrobat Pro, which costs hundreds of dollars. Once you purchase this software, you can use it for liftime, it is one time fee, no renew fee.

    15 Days Money Back Guarantee
    If you are not very satisfied with our software, we ensure you that you can get full refund within 15 days. So, nothing could be worried. If you want to get full refund, just contact with our customer staff. We will deal with your refund request at the first time.

  • WowTron Pdf Encryption Key Features

    Easy to Use:

    1.Do NOT need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other third party software installed.

    2.It is a standalone application with friendly user interface.

    3.Compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP operating system.

    Powerful PDF Encryption

    1.Encrypt PDF with two types of passwords: owner/master password and user/open password.

    2.Encrypt PDF with RC4 (low level security) or AES (advanced level security).

    3.Encrypt PDF using 40-bit, 128-bit or 256-bit long encryption key.

    4.Set restrictions to PDF files preventing from printing, editing, coping, and changing.

    5.Prevent copying text or graphics of PDF.

    Additional Features:

    1.Enable you modify metadata of PDF file, like subject, title, keywords etc.

    2.Support to stamp watermark to PDF file.

    Sale service:

    1. It is one time fee, no renew cost.

    2. Free technical support once you purchase our software.

  • Wontron PDF Encryption Related FAQs
    • How to buy WowTron PDF Encryption?
      If you want to buy a license key of WowTron PDF Encryption, you can just purchase it above by clicking on the button of "Buy Now".
    • How to register WowTron PDF Encryption?
      After you purchase the software, you will receive a llicense key, just copy the key and paste on the Register Blank and click on the button of "Register".
    • How to buy multiple license keys?
      If you want to buy multiple license keys, just select the amounts you want to purchase in the shopping cart.
    • How to get a free license key?
      If you want to get a free license key, just promote our software by posting it on your web. Remember to add a hyperlink of our software in the post.
    • How to get a coupon code?
      If you want to buy more license keys, we will offer you a discount. You can just contact us via email.
    • How to become our reseller?
      If you want to become our reseller, please contact us via email.
  • Wowtron PDF Encryption User Guide

    Step One
    Start Wowtron PDF Encryption, select "Single Mode" to secure one single pdf file each time or "Batch Mode" to encrypt a batch of pdf files.

    Step Two
    Set a user password or owner password for the PDF file, meanwhile, users can also set restrictions to PDF file.

    Step Three
    Save PDF file.

  • Wowtron PDF Encryption User Testimonial >>

    I just tried the program to add password to my own pdf files, and it worked quickly. If you want a fast, powerful and cheap pdf tool to encrypt your pdf file, Wowtron PDF Encryption is the way to go.
    --- Tom (CNET Editor)

    Great pdf software to secure my pdf file easily, it comes with a cheap price, I think it is the cheapest pdf encryption software on the market, I really like it. Thank you for offering such a good software.
    --- Mark

    Congratulation! It is a great job! I have used this software for several years, it is one time fee, no any recurring fee for me. Good job!
    --- Lucy