Your pdf documents safe? How to improve their level of security?


When you set up password security for a PDF document you are first asked to select an encryption level for the PDF file. If you’re a computer geek you may immediately understand what this means, but if you’re not you may be puzzled.

What does encryption mean and how does it affect your security choices?

Encryption is important to keep your confidential information confidential. When you send information such as bank account numbers or Social Security numbers, you want that information to be inaccessible even if intercepted by an unintended recipient.

When you select encryption level, the various choices represent how extensive the encryption will be. Higher bit numbers mean that the security is less likely to be broken or “hacked” and will work with later versions of Acrobat. RC4 and AES represent different types of algorithms used during the encryption process.

High encryption levels protect you against brute force attacks, in which the hacker simply tests a number of combinations to see which works. Higher encryption increases the number of possibilities that must be tried, or “key-lengths,” to unlock the document. With 40-bit encryption, the hacker would have 240 different key-lengths in which the right key might be found. With 128-bit encryption, that number increases substantially to 2128. Thus, 128-bit encryption is significantly more secure against this type of attack than 40-bit encryption.

How you can make pdf documents more secure ?

Passwords give the first level of protection to to your PDF documents. You can set passwords so that only authorized users can open the document and/or only individuals with permissions can print, edit, or copy from the document. Other forms of security, such as digital signatures and certificates, are available from other vendors to address different types of security needs.

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