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Do you want to add password to pdf files? Were you at the right place, at the right time, finding something interesting and powerful? Do you own a powerful pdf encryption software which you think can be useful to secure pdf documents?  Did you try WowTron PDF Encryption?

WowTron today announced the availability of WowTron PDF Encryption, an application for users to add password to pdf documents.

Nowadays, one can always create pdf documents and send them to friends far and wide. There are so many ways one can share their pdf documents. However, have you paid more attention to the security of document? WowTron PDF Encryption lets anyone to add password to pdf and set restriction together. It is a best pdf encryption software which only costs users $15.99.

To ensure privacy of pdf documents, WowTron PDF Encryption does not only enables uers to add password to pdf, in a way, bu also allows users to set restrictions to it. In addition, it also provides users a way to secure pdf document in batches, it is a quick way for users to deal with an amount of pdf documents.

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