WowTron 2016 Offers More Powerful PDF Software with Competitive Price

WowTron announces a major update to its pdf softwares in 2016. WowTron will offer users more powerful pdf software with more competitive price in the following year 2016. The new release of pdf encryption software comes with friendly user interface, numerous improvements to performance, productivity and usability. A powerful batching adding security to pdf files feature is added, enabling users to add password to pdf files in batches. Finally yet importantly, WowTron PDF Encryption comes with full support for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10.

The newly introduced WowTron PDF Encryption allows users to secure pdf files in an easy way! It has been proved to be the most useful pdf encryption software. The new version is being offered for a limited time at only $15.99 (regularly $25.00) which means business owners can save time and money on it, they will save nealy 40%.

Last but not least, users who purchase WowTron PDF Encryption to add password to pdf file will enjoy free software update and free technical support. They do not need to renew the software every year!

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New users can enjoy 40% discount as well as the old customers.