The most effetive way to add passwords to pdf documents in batches

As we all know, PDF is widely used in the world. Although PDF can be used commonly, it is also neccessary to protect your private information. For business, some companies would like to protect their sale information or business strategy. For individuals, they would like to protect their personal info or their works. That is why users want to add password to pdf documents.

WowTron PDF Encryption is a powerful pdf encryption software for users to add password to pdf files. Why do we called that it is the most effective way to secure pdf documents. There are two reasons below:

1.The price for this software is reasonable and cheapest, you never see such a cheapest pdf encryption software, the price for one single license is only $16.99. If users buy more license keys, they will get more discount.

2.WowTron PDF Encryption allows users to process pdf files in batches, most of pdf encryption software only allow users to process one single pdf file, but WowTron offers batch mode, it will increase the working efficiency.