It always been bothering you that your pdf documents have operating restrictions and passwords ? Come and look here ,we will tell you how to remove all restrictions now !

We always meet  some pdf documents that we want to print or extract (etc) have been locked or restricted by author , or  sometimes it locked or restricted by yourself , it’s the bad time that you forget all the passwords of these documents (user/owner password) now because of your carelessness ,  at the same time  you be pressed for  opening and reediting  it , because  your customers and your partner

need it now , oh no !!!!

Are you mad at this time ?

No, don’t  worry about it , this is just a piece of cake for  WowTron !

Now, WowTron  provide you a powerful tool : pdf restrictions remover  , it could tell you  that all troubles are no troubles , you could find many solution about pdf documents maintenance or edit at site : ,you could send your problems or requirements to our technical support  mail : ,  we will provide assistance according to your requirements just in time .

You just need two or three  steps to remove all the restrictions and passowrds from your pdf documents in single or in batches.