How to remove passwords and restrictions from a pdf document in batches easily?

How does the security work in pdf ?

A document has two passwords: an owner password and a user password. The document also specifies operations that should be restricted even when the document is decrypted: printing; copying text and graphics out of the document; modifying the document; and adding or modifying text notes and AcroForm fields. When the correct user password is supplied, the document is opened and decrypted but these operations are restricted; when the owner password is supplied, all operations are allowed. The owner password is required to change these passwords and restrictions. A document is encrypted whenever a user or owner password or restrictions are supplied for the document. However, a user is prompted for a password on opening a document only if the document has a user password.

You will always have such a scenario:

Do you have a PDF (Adobe Acrobat) file which cannot be printed, copied, or edited? Your PDF file has had password security and other restrictions added.

  1. When we receive a PDF document and the document is added to the limit, such as printing, copying, etc., at this time we are unable to take the next step of operation, this is how bad a thing.
  2. When we need to modify one or more PDF documents, found the password forgot, at this time will certainly be crazy too.
  3. In what we already know the PDF document user passwords or owner password, when we need to turn the restricted pdf documents returned to unrestricted state, what should we do?

Now WowTron Software will tell you how to remove pdf restrictions easily without inputting the owner/user password in batches, but if the pdf documents encrypted and restricted to open/read that meant you should input your user/owner password to the password pool before removing all restrictions.

You could use the pdf restriction remover software: WowTron PDF Restriction Remover to do it in several steps showed below:

(1) Select one or more PDF documents, PDF folder (or drop PDF documents to the software list)

(2) Select the output path

(3) Start remove