How to Protect or Encrypt PDF File with PDF Encryption Software?

Nowadays, the PDF (Portable Document Format) has become an essential document format. PDF document can be read on different operating systems, like Windows, Mac, Android platforms. It also can be readable by so many programs. It is most useful document format as it can be retained document format regardless of the devices. It also provides users with so many features, like comment, bookmarks, table of content and so on. It is the most popular document format in the business world.

PDF Security is also becoming a topic. WowTron PDF Encryption is a powerful pdf encryption software to ensure your pdf security. As we all know, the standard security provided by Acrobat PDF contains two different methods: User password and owner password. With WowTron PDF Encryption, users can easily add password to pdf file. Owner password is a way to restrict you pdf file, preventing it from printing, copying text and graphics out of the document, modifying the document, or adding or modifying text notes and Form fields. User password is a way for users to secure pdf document, people who want to read the pdf file requires a password to open it. User password cannot be easily cracked.

Users can access a trial version of the WowTron PDF Encryption from the WowTron Software website. The full version is only priced as $15.99(USD).