How to protect and lock a PDF with password?

Is there any way to password protect and lock a sensitive PDF file in an easy way?  Users may not afford Adobe acrobat pro due to the high price and free solutions didn’t work for them as well. How to encrypt pdf document with a powerful and cheapest pdf encryption software.

As we all know, so many people have been stuck in such a fairly similar situation, they are eager to look for some powerful pdf encryption software to password protect their pdf documents.  Most of people are not willing to buy Acrobat for such a small task as it may costs users much money. WowTron PDF Encryption is a very useful pdf software which allows you to secure pdf document with owner and user password, it is difficult to crack it.


WowTron PDF Encryption only costs users $15.99, it is the cheapest pdf tool on the market. It is good and it can password protect and lock a PDF file. It’s a strong protection which cannot be cracked. It is really a powerful pdf encryption software for users to add password to pdf.