How to insert specific pages from one PDF file to another PDF file?


Hi all, I’m creating a PDF document from many different pdf files and now I need to create a PDF to which I can add other pages of PDF. Which software is the best choice?


If you know the code skill, you can use the code below, but it is a little complicated, here is a solution about WorkingPDF and a ResultPDF (both instances of TQuickPDF):

Here’s the procedure for appending:
procedure TPDF.AppendWorkingPDF(var oPDFWorking, oPDFResult: TQuickPDF);
var iDoc1,
iDoc2: Integer;
oPDFStream: TStream;
sBuffer: String;
oPDFStream := TStringStream.Create(sBuffer);
FPDFWorking.SaveToStream(oPDFStream);  //save your working PDF to a stream
iDoc1 := FPDFResult.SelectedDocument;  //get a handle on your result PDF Doc before changes
oPDFStream.Seek(0, soFromBeginning);  //don’t forget to reset the stream cursor
FPDFResult.LoadFromStream(oPDFStream);  //adds the Working PDF Doc to the Result PDF
//note that the Result PDF now has 2 docs
if FPageNo = 1 then begin //the first doc in the Result PDF is the blank that QuickPDF starts with
end else begin
iDoc2 := FPDFResult.SelectedDocument;  //the Doc we just added from the stream
FPDFResult.SelectDocument(iDoc1);  //we stored this earlier
FPDFResult.MergeDocument(iDoc2); //ta da!


If you do not know any code skill, you can try this small and tiny pdf page editing software, it is called WowTron PDF Page Organizer, a powerful software which enables you to add page to pdf document. Here are the steps:

Step1:Click “Open” button to import pdf documents to the software.

Step2: Select the pages and then click on button of “Insert” to insert a new blank page or to insert pdf page from other file PDF file.

Step3: Click button of “Save As” to save the pdf files.

More details: