How to guarantee the user’s rights and interests of PDF documents?

In order to guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of the PDF document, it is necessary to add password to our PDF document.

How to choose a safe and easy operation of the PDF encryption software?

WowTron provides a very good solution to the PDF encryption software to allow you to easily complete the PDF document password and operating authority settings, the output encrypted document only three steps. This software also supports the PDF document properties (like title, author, creator, keywords) of the modification and customization, In addition you can also by selecting the settings adding watermark in PDF document, including text watermarking (custom watermark location, color and perspective) or image watermark (custom watermark location, transparency and perspective)

Just like this:

  • Select your PDF document
  • Set up your user/owner passwords and restrictions
  • Save/Save as to the output



User Password is used to open the PDF document (Open and read)

Owner Password is used to change security settings (Security options like:modify, copy, print etc.)

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