How to bulk remove the PDF document’s operational limitations?

In order to facilitate the two processing and view of the PDF document, we often need to document the original password restrictions and all operating restrictions are removed.

How to make these operations can be done quickly in batches?

Now I am speaking to you to recommend a simple operation of PDF restriction remover software, it’s the WowTron PDF Restriction Remover. As we know that there are two kinds of PDF documents, a user password, an owner password, how about the user/owner password:

User Password is used to open the PDF document (Open and read)

Owner Password is used to change security settings (Security options like: modify, copy, print etc.)

Through this tool, when the PDF document is only limited by the operating authority, the tool is able to quickly remove all restrictions on the document from the permissions limit password. When the PDF document is used to open and read the password, the tool does not directly ignore the user password to remove the document, but the tool will automatically identify the type of document and make the user enter a valid password to remove PDF restrictions. The above operation can be carried out in three steps:

1. Select or drag the PDF document to the software list.

2. Enter a user or private password (if the document is protected by the user password).

3. Save as and output to the user’s own path.


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