How to add password security to outputting pdf file while merging pdf files?


How can I add password or set restrictions to the outputting pdf file after I finish merging?


WowTron PDF Merger is a simple pdf binder for users to merge multiple pdf files to one pdf file. It allows users to add password and set restrictions to outputting pdf file, here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Click the button of “Add PDF” or “Add Image” to add pdf files or images to WowTron PDF Merger.

Step 2: Click the button of “Option” on the top of the software, and then enter into a new window, select setting of “Security”, you can add password and set restrictions to your outputting pdf here. After setting, you need to click the button of “OK” to save the settins.

Step 3: Click the button of “Merge”, choose a folder and input a File name for outputting to complete the process