How does WowTron PDF Merger work with encrypting PDF documents?


I have one question about WowTron PDF Merger, does it work with encrypting PDF documents? I need to combine multiple encrypting pdf files into one.


As we all know, Adobe has specified Standard Security in the PDF reference for encrypting PDF files. Standard Security is based on cryptological algorithms. Passwords represent a part of encryption. PDF supports two different passwords: the owner password and the user password. The author password permits the execution of certain operations with the PDF, for instance “Print”.

WowTron PDF Merger is a powerful pdf merger tool to combine pdf into one. It does work with encrypting PDF documents as well. PDF files with password can be imported into WowTron PDF Merger. Before merging, you need to decrypt it first.

Here are the steps:

Step 1: Run the installer. Once the download finishes, click Run to start installing WowTron PDF Merger.

Step 2: Import PDF files. Launch WowTron PDF Merger and then click button of “Add PDF” or “Add Image” to import PDF files or images.

Step 3: Decrypt PDF files. Select the encrypting PDF file and then click the button of “Decryption” to enter the password for that file.


Step 4: Merge PDF files. Click the button of “Merge” and choose the outputting folder.