How can I encrypt PDF file without using acrobat?

As we all know, PDF software is becoming increasingly more and more popular now. The privacy and security issue of PDF file is also an important problem. Adding security to pdf is to protect the content from those who should not see it.

There are so many ways to protect sensitive information within a PDF document. However, using an easy PDF software application may be your best choice. Wowtron PDF Encryption is an easy pdf software for you to add password to pdf file. Users can also set restrictions to pdf file.

It does not require Adobe PDF tool and it helps to prevent people from coping my PDF files or print them out. The most important thing is that it only costs you little money, it will save your budget, it only costs you $16.


Many consider encryption a strong security measure to use with PDF files, with WowTron PDF Encryption, it is so easy to encrypt pdf file with user password and owner password.