Effectively removing the operating limits of PDF documents by means of authorization.

At some point, we need to do the removal of the encrypted PDF document, in the case of the ownership of these documents, how can we use a high efficient way to remove pdf documents restrictions?

Now to introduce a PDF document pdf restriction remover, through which you can efficiently and easily to the PDF document has been encrypted to carry out the authority of the removal.

There are two situations in the process of removing:

  1. When the PDF documents only to do the limits of operating authority, and did not add a user password, we can use this software in the absence of any password to enter to documents then remove all the restrictions of the PDF documents.
  2. When the PDF documents are added with the read or open password, we need to manually enter or set up a password in the password pool in order to ensure that you have sufficient permissions to remove the passwords and restrictions.

How about the passwords in the PDF documents:

User Password is used to open the PDF document (Open and read)

Owner Password is used to change security settings (Security options like: modify, copy, print etc.)


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