Can I use shortcut key to use WowTron PDF Merger?


Hi, I have gotten used to the operation of shortcut key. Can I use shortcut key to use WowTron PDF Merger?


WowTron PDF Merger is a simple tool to combine pdf to one, without having to resort to slow, user-unfriendly, expensive software.

WowTron PDF Merger is a powerful pdf tool which enables users to use shortcut key to control the whole process of merging pdf files.


Here are some shortcut key usage:

Add PDF: Ctrl+P

Add Image: Ctrl+I

Options: Ctrl+O

Merge: Ctrl+M

To FTP: Ctrl+N

Remove PDF: Delete

Clear all PDF: Ctrl+E

Move Up: Ctrl+U

Move Down: Ctrl+D

View PDF: Ctrl+W

Desrypt PDF: Ctrl+T

Get Help: F1