An easy way to password protect your PDF document

When working with sensitive information, it’s your job to protect it. PDF document is widely used in our lives, but most of us ignore the security of PDF documents. It is vitally important for users to add password to pdf document in order to protect the sensitive info in the PDF files. With WowTron PDF Encryption, a powerful pdf encryption software, it’s easy to make PDF protection part of your daily routine — no matter what application you’re using.

First of thing, Creating a password challenge is the first step to protect your pdf document. Control access to your PDF files and encrypt pdf document with passwords that recipients must enter before they can open your document.

Secondly, after you add password to your pdf document, you can also set permission password and restrictions to pdf file. You can also set owner passwords for PDF file, preventing your PDF files from printing, editing, coping, and changing. It does not requires Adobe Acrobat, or any other Adobe software.

pdf file

Use such a tiny tool to secure pdf document in two steps, only $15.99, it deserves.