A new way to add password to pdf documents without using Adobe Acrobat Pro

When working with sensitive documents, it’s your job to protect it. How to protect that? With Acrobat, it’s easy to make PDF protection part of your daily routine. It is an effective way to protect pdf documents. However, as we all know, Adobe software is so expensive, most of users can not afford it, is there any cheaper alternatives which enables users to add password to pdf document, just like Adobe Pro?

Yes, there is one called WowTron PDF Encryption, it is a powerful pdf encryption software for users to add password to pdf file. It is a good way for users to password protect pdf sensitive information by applying PDF passwords and file permissions to control how people can use your files. It is really a powerful but cheapest software, it does not require any third party software, even Adobe Readers. Only three steps to secure pdf documents:

Step1: Download WowTron PDF Encryption: 

Please download and install the app, it will take you 10 seconds.

Step2:ImportPDF Files

Ater installing the app, you can add pdf files.

Step3:Export pdf documents.