3 Ways to Password Protect a PDF Document

Portable document format (PDF) is a common format used to make and send documents to other users. Many PDFs are editable; however, you may want to add password to pdf documents in order to protect your document from further changes or unauthorized reading. You can control who opens and changes your PDF by creating a password and requiring editors to enter it before making changes. Try one of the following methods to password protect a PDF.

1.WowTron PDF Encryption

WowTron PDF Encryption is a powerful but cheaper pdf encryption software. It is easier for users to add password to pdf document with this pdf tool, it is unlike Adobe Acrobat, which costs you a lot, more details: http://wowtron.com/pdf-encryption/index.html.


2.Adobe Acrobat Protection

Download Adobe Systems’ Adobe Acrobat program. This is a paid program, unlike Adobe’s Acrobat Reader. It comes standard along with many of Adobe’s program bundles, such as Adobe Creative Suite.

3.PrimoPDF Protection

Download and install a PDF creator, such as PrimoPDF. If you do not have access to Adobe Acrobat, this will remove the cost of paying for the program while still providing password protection options.